Edinburgh's Leading Architectural Technologists

We are a team of Architectural Technologists in Edinburgh, founded in 2011 by Ross Robertson: an Architectural Technologist with 25 years of industry experience. Since our inception we have worked on a range of projects valuing more than £8 million, within Edinburgh and across the U.K.

Our strong technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the building regulations gives us a unique edge when it comes to assisting our clients to find technical solutions to their design issues. We work with a range of clients including commercial, social and domestic, as well as providing technical consultancy to Architects. For all our clients, large or small scale, we provide design services from completion through to handover, support with obtaining building warrants and planning permissions and preparing construction information.

Community development work and sustainability is at the heart of our ethos and we have worked with our housing association clients to make improvements to local communities as well as improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

We have invested heavily in the BIM process, firmly believing that this is the future of building design, providing a greater degree of control, better coordination and cost savings.

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